Equality in Education: Blended Learning Trends

The argument for blended learning is made stronger by the fact that education still lacks equality. Almost 60 years ago racial segregation was struck down by the Supreme Court in the benchmark case, Brown vs. Board of Education. Although the violence of desegregation has passed, the injustice of unequal education remains. Studies show that quality of education is highly correlated to neighborhood income levels. This proves that although monumental change was made, we still have a long way to go. Education is still the most critical civil rights issue of our time.

Digital learning provides a new solution to the age old question of education equality. Online learning students have access to high quality education at no cost.

Blended learning gives students access to hundreds of courses. These courses include college prep Advanced Placement courses and foreign language courses. No longer would a student be unable to advance in their education because their schools lack the funding for Advanced Placement classes. Students also have access to personalized attention. Something that is not always possible in a large classroom setting.

Students can get access to great classes and great teachers-just not in a traditional school setting. We have the technology to give every student in America a high quality education.

The question is, when will America implement blended learning? The problem of unequal education can be solved almost immediately. It is time for school administrator’s and district officials to take blended learning seriously and use it to fox our nation’s schools.

Americans have been out raged at the state of our schools. Online and blended learning is an option for education reform that is available immediately. To solve two problems at once, inequality and lack of quality, schools can begin to implement these programs now. Parents should ask their school leaders how they can help begin the shift from traditional classrooms to those online.

Studies show that students perform better online then they do in a classroom. This is most likely because students can work at their own pace. When a student does not understand a subject, they can go back and try to learn it again. Students also have access to teachers online 24/7. It is time for America to implement numerous different learning opportunities.

Our government must begin an initiative to make online learning an option for those students who do not succeed in a traditional school setting. Additionally, every student will have access to quality education. You should do whatever you can to make this education reform happen for the children of America and the future of our nation.

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Investing in Your Financial Education Equals Financial Freedom

The money making machine is not a marketing system, an amazing product or a secret formula. What I want to share with you is that the “money making machine” is you. You can have the best product and marketing system but if you have not taken the time to invest in your own personal development things can fall apart very quickly.

Where You Are Now

You are in your current position because of the dominate thoughts you have of yourself. I know that some people blame circumstances, and other people for what has happen in there lives. Some may seem like legitimate reasons, but where you are now does not have to determine where you could be. Tomorrow is a new day, you can choose to start anew. I am asking you to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. It is when you take responsibility and invest wisely in yourself that life opens up offering you whatever you desire.

With the power of the internet one can find a multitude of person development programs that can suit all budgets and personalities.

The Future Is In Your Hands

Financial freedom begins with you and also ends with you. Never forget to invest and invest and invest continuously in yourself. The size of your pay check is limited by the size of your applied belief. That is why I use Carbon Copy Pro as my vehicle to financial freedom. Every time I plug into the system I am not only building a team of leaders in return for financial gains, I am also investing in myself and my families future.

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A Plastic Surgeon: Lifelong Education Equals Healthy Results

There are many challenging hurdles in the process to becoming a plastic surgeon and choosing to remain in the field. Each professional has to complete four years of college, four years of medical school, and six to eight years surgical residency in one’s specialty; the sooner they know the area they’d like to specialize in, the better. Education, residency, and private practice are all vital. It is also important to maintain privileges with a neighboring hospital or have the equipment and staff to handle emergencies. A physician must also remain abreast of her reputation, the latest research, technology and techniques.

A plastic surgeon also has to maintain positive and professional relationships with staff and clients, because for some reason the reputation of a plastic surgeon is very fragile. If several complaints are not followed up on, it could mean costly damage control. There are ideas out there about some professionals practicing cosmetic procedures without proper training, and that they are in it for the money. They are claiming to be specialists and botching a man or woman’s hair transplants, facial surgery, breast augmentation or a myriad other costly body alterations. This is why the legit doctors occasionally have to work twice as hard to not only perform first-time surgeries on new patients and help to maintain their return clients but they have to revise and restore someone else’s patient, because that doctor was not qualified to do the procedure in the first place.

In the end it is a surgeon’s responsibility to continue to learn about their growing field. This will help them to be better doctors and to keep each patient safe. With their up-to-date information, they are able to also advise patients in ways to achieve their desired look and counsel them in alternatives to surgical methods instead of or as supplements to their procedure. The goal is always to provide the best information, so that each patient can make an informed decision and understand why a procedure must be modified for him or her in order to accommodate their wishes and health during surgery.

A plastic surgeon’s education is critical to his certification and success in his field, but the education of his patients is also important. It means they know what they are doing in their specialty. Then there is the wealth of information they provide during a patient’s sit down consultation. Information about cosmetic procedures will continue to evolve, and so will the associated education and processes towards body changes. This is why both the doctor and the patient have to continue to communicate about the tools and techniques out there in order to achieve the ideal results.

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